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Connor Mcintyre in conversation with Katie Tokus

The art of doing things the wrong way round.

Apart from doodling on a piece of paper while you’re on the phone, when was the last time you intentionally picked up a pen, pencil or paint brush and created a piece of art? Probably at school, we’ll wager. Why is it that as we grow older we lose the confidence to draw and paint? It’s a question that has puzzled actor Connor McIntyre. Coronation Street fans might know him as the arch villain Pat Phelan, but Connor has another life as an acclaimed artist, which is where the wrong way round thing comes in. He fell into acting in his thirties, having chanced upon a theatre rehearsal and, in much the same way while researching a role about an artist, he had a lightbulb moment and went back to school to study art in his fifties. As many of us might have experienced during lockdown when we took up old hobbies, the act of making art is transformative, says Connor, and in this illuminating talk with soul singer and writer Mama Tokus he’ll share why he wants us to pick up our pencils again and how art gave him new direction. Oh, and he’ll talk a bit along the way about his TV villain alter ego.


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Barn View Saturday, 7 August 2021 3.45pm
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