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Mik Artistik and Daniela Soave

The performer with a power to charm in conversation with Daniela Soave

What did Mik Artistik do during lockdown? ‘I sewed a button on a jacket and I learned how to upload pictures to the internet,’ he says. That’s not quite all. With his band Ego Trip the poet, performer, artist and creator of a commercial Dutch-style blond beer (really!) has made a new album, Boom, started a podcast (Mik Artistik’s Ego Podcast) and with his friend Robert Galeta has written and illustrated a book of observations about musicians, poets and artists who have inspired them over the years. People like Ian Dury, architect Richard Rogers, Steve Marriott – ‘people who stopped us in our tracks,’ he says. ‘It’s all about our love affair with the obscure and odd and interesting.’ Join Mik and Robert for an intimate conversation about those creative mavericks who did it their way.


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Barn View Saturday, 7 August 2021 1.30pm
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