Our Story

We are enthusiastic producers of shows and events, festivals, food and drink weekends, comedy and dancing gigs. We’ve worked at Glastonbury Festival for many years, we started The Port Eliot Festival in 2003 and continued to be involved right until its last hurrah in 2019, we have organised stages at Festival No.6 and before that we had a hand in The Elephant Fayre.

We are singers, producers, nurses, musicians, sound engineers, actors, site managers and stage-managers. We have a wealth of experience that’s taken us up, down, through and back to arrive at an idea that has many of the things we love about summer events. 

We are not newcomers: we are seasoned professionals who just love to get it right. Quite simply, we want to make this special and the very best of fun for those who want to have an unlimited good time.

It has always been our top priority to create the very best show we can for all concerned. So now we are making a new one in the heart of Devon called – The Little Big Festival.

Steph and Shelly. The Little Big Festival