Tankus The Henge

A genre-bending, never-ending, furious and joyous musical force

Likened to a psychedelic rock’n’roll octopus, possibly because they have their musical tentacles in so many pies, these six troubadors love nothing more than criss-crossing the globe to share their vagabond blend of funk, rock and New Orleans swing. From New Orleans to Albania, Montreux Jazz Festival to Glastonbury, now Tankus the Henge are on their way to The Little Big Festival in Devon. Inspired by the ethos of an early 20th Century travelling show, their sound – an exhilarating melange of guitars, horns, rhythm and keyboards – has garnered high praise.  ‘Like the Clash from New Orleans,’ says Nikolaj Thorp Larsen of The Specials. ‘How could we have lived without them for so long?’ questions Rolling Stone France. ‘A virtual carnival of sound that’s high on energy and deep on soul,’ proclaims the Guardian. And from The Kinks’ Dave Davies: ‘I love it. It reminds me of a mixture of early Kinks, Squeeze and a bit of Blur mashed in.’

Picture credits to Sophie Hervet.

Where & When

The Ace of Clubs Saturday, 7 August 2021
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