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Tom Bell Fly Fishing

Tom Bell Fly Fishing Legend

‘Fly fishing is boring. It’s old men in tweed and lots of raised eyebrows if you use the wrong fly on the wrong river.’ That used to be the general perception until Tom Bell changed everything. Tom’s a dude who’s been fly fishing all over the world for 40 years. He invented the world’s thinnest fly-fishing line which changed it all. More importantly, he changed how fly fishing is perceived through his brand Sunray and his YouTube videos. So it’s no surprise that RAW TV are making a TV series featuring Tom doing what he does.
Casting is Tom’s thing: all sorts of fly casts – Spey, single hand, double hand, overhead, snap Ts, circle speys, the lot. In fact, Tom is regarded as one of the top three casters in the world.
His combination of knowledge and style make Tom’s casting more ballet than cage fight. And he’s bringing that expertise to The Little Big Festival to share with you. A true master….enjoy.

Where & When

Arena Saturday, 25 July 2020
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